Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Its been some time since I have completed an entry and I again with the thawing of the earth feel the need put something up. If anyone out there in internet land happens upon the page I hope you find something engaging, entertaining, irritating or inspiring. Entries are the life blood of any blog and I am attempting to create this as a log to my now growing children, but mostly for my own bemusement. It has been since August 2013....Far too long.

To be honest, fishing the waters of central Indiana seemed less-promising when I moved here a few years ago, but I have begun learning the ropes and finding my way around the often intimidating large and off-colored rivers with some successes. Having made the transition from “trout angler” to “angler” even if it was a less than seamless segue I now feel more well rounded on both fronts and able to pull fish from waters I would often have shuttered to wet a line in years prior. Maybe I had become spoiled by the clear, steep streams of the Appalachian range I would frequent but it pays to have options. It seems I have options. Fishing can be good here in Indiana, waters are surprisingly fertile with sometimes crazy large hatches, lots of crayfish and bait-fish and plague-like amounts of summer terrestrials: overall the fish seem pretty content and fat comparatively.

Appreciation is a key to happiness it seems and growing up here I did not have a full scope of what was available. Stay Grateful. It always seemed the fishing was better everywhere else even though pops did a good job helping to educate and support me in my fishing pursuits. Having moved around and tested the waters so to speak it seems things here are pretty not-bad in an ok way. I have rivers, creeks and ponds, some that fish great at times yet are bewildering at others and a tailwater that seems to always give up just enough of itself.

Enough- here are some pics of fish, flies and beer I love looking through blogs, journals, fishing reports and the like. So here goes. Fly boxes are loaded, the beer cooler is not-yet empty and I think it could be an alright year.

Hopefully sooner than later,


Thursday, August 1, 2013

A mixed bag

At times I tend to forget how quickly summer will pass. The good days seem so nunerous there is no urgency to the fishing like in the cooler months. You can leisurely stroll out at dusk and fish a solid 2 hours, confident you just managed the best the day had to offer.

Here are some fish I've managed to tangle with and photograph.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mayfly nymph- under review

Mayfly crawler multi-use pattern here. I use light hare's ear dubbing, colored on top with a brown umber prismacolor marker to give it a two-tone effect. Barred centipede legs are great here to add movement and mimic a dislodged crawler in the current. Non-toxic lead wire sub used for weight in underbody crimped flat to keep the profile slim like the natural. Just set to dry..Make them want it.
Observe and create.
More flies on deck...

Friday, May 31, 2013

Spring on the lake

I used to hate fishing for crappies with my dad. It seemed as though it was a chore for him as well. Over time we filled the livewell. Cleaned the fish. Usually with pressure for a family meal. Stationary, roped off in our boat to submerged stumps on calm gray lake in the early hours. Damp, fragrant, spring air  fishing tube jigs alone. Vertical. Silent.
Today, I cast and retrieve-very slowly. With a small clouser I fish methodically and bring crappies as well as largemouth to the boat. I hoot, sometimes play a tune and bring my young dog piper as well as my son. Im not sure if he hates it yet.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

High-stick and rolling thick, Brookville tailwater

Over time my feelings regarding fly fishing and time on the water continue to evolve. what once was my quirky hobby spawned serious a passion which has now become a complex way of life, but also something more simple. A rod, line and fly. Water. Something fleeting and alive. 
Fish, hike, forrage. Maybe drink a beer at the end of a good day.
Opportunities are abound.
All the best,

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Looking up and down

Things are starting to look up here in the Hoosier state. Warmer temps, bream on beds and mushrooms under elms mean spring in my book. Jam festivals, smallmouth, coke-bottle sized morels and trout on dries coming soon. Look out for more reports...